Company Announcements

Introducing Kudo Instant

We’re excited to announce that Kudo Instant is now in the public beta testing stage. This means we’re one step closer to launching the first application built as part of our Kudo platform!

Kudo Instant is the world’s first sustainable marketplace for mass-customisation products. It offers businesses access to highly customisable, made-to-order goods including print, packaging, textiles and promotional merchandise – putting sustainability at the heart of its processes.

Driving sustainability

Our goal is to increase transparency around the environmental impact of the products that businesses purchase. We want to give them the opportunity to work with manufacturers who’ll produce the same high-quality goods, without harming the planet.

Soon, every product available in Kudo Instant will be accompanied by an easy-to-digest report outlining its environmental credentials, and scored from most to least sustainable. We hope that by promoting the most environmentally friendly products, we can help businesses to make informed sourcing decisions – and save them time and money too.

Working with the best

Sourcing mass-customisation products is a difficult and time-consuming challenge for businesses. Kudo Instant collaborates with the best manufacturers in the world, matching each product with the vendors most suited to produce them.

Behind the scenes, we perform strict due diligence and continually monitor each vendor’s performance, ensuring products meet the highest standards across the board. This means you can get instant quotes and purchase products on-demand, with peace of mind that you’re in good hands.

Planning for the future

During our beta testing, we’ll be working with a limited product range. This allows us to learn and adapt our system to meet businesses’ and suppliers’ precise needs, so that going forward, you’ll have access to the best manufacturers, materials and products worldwide.

Until then, to celebrate Kudo Instant’s beta launch and solidify our commitment to sustainability, we’ve partnered with Trees for the Future, and donated to plant over 10,000 trees.

We’d love you to join us on our journey as we transform the mass-customisation market for the better – and there’s not long to wait! When we’re confident the platform is ready to scale, we’ll begin ramping up new product launches. Watch this space!