Company Announcements

Support reforestation every time you order

As an environmentally conscious company, reforestation has been something our team at Kudo has always wanted to get involved with.

Thanks to our new partnership with Trees For The Future, and with the help of our loyal customers, we will now be able to help reforest the planet every time an order is placed through our platform!

Over 10,000 Trees Planted So Far 

To kick-start our partnership and show our commitment to being a sustainable business, we’ve donated over 10,000 trees to the reforestation project.

Tree planting is just one small part of our overall sustainability efforts, which you can read more about here. We also make sure to only source paper and cardboard that is 100% recycled or FSC Certified. This gives us and our customers peace of mind that all our products are made with materials sourced from properly managed forests, where new trees are planted to ensure the industry remains sustainable.

Why Trees For The Future? is an award-winning non-profit with over three decades of tree planting experience. They have revitalised hundreds of thousands of acres of soil, helping to improve the lives of thousands of families.

Farmland is considered to be the leading cause of the climate crisis. Empowering local farmers to move away from unsustainable farming techniques to forest garden systems that combat the cycle of poverty is a mission we want to get fully behind!

In their words, when you plant trees with farmers, you aren’t just helping the planet and future generations; you’re immediately impacting the lives of families in need, supporting wildlife and restoring biodiversity.

Visit to find out more about the extraordinary work Trees For The Future carry out to help with reforestation in some of the world’s poorest communities.