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Kudo is a platform for mass customisation

We're a team of researchers, designers and developers, building tools to simplify the procurement of highly configurable, made to order products such as print and packaging.

Make your mark, without leaving a stain on our planet

Our goal is to help businesses understand the impact of their print and packaging, whilst increasing access to more sustainable solutions.

Limitless customisations

Nearly everything we produce utilises print or packaging at some stage in its lifecycle.

From the unboxing experience on your latest gadget, the crisp emblazoned football shirt you wear to a match on a Saturday afternoon, or the bag that shields your takeout later that evening, print is a significant part of our lives.

Ocean Plastic

But the current manufacturing landscape is vast, opaque and unsustainable

Billions of different product configurations are produced by hundreds of thousands of manufacturers around the world to cater for the bespoke needs of every business.

Finding the right supplier for each project is difficult and time consuming. Understanding the sustainability of products from one manufacturer to another is nearly impossible.

Ocean Plastic

So we're indexing the worlds print manufacturers

Gathering and analysing rich data sets allows us to rank the best manufacturers to produce each project.

Leveraging data to drive sustainability

We're mapping the environmental impact of all the materials, processes and logistics required to produce the world's print and packaging.

This allows us to help businesses make informed decisions, educate their customers and move towards a more sustainable future.

And levelling the playing field

Due to the bespoke nature of print and packaging, there are considerable prices variances among manufacturers.

By identifying the most suitable producer for each job, we can provide businesses with fair pricing across the board.